Saturday, September 15, 2007

Breakfast Recipe Fair

Well, today's the day I promised, for the second time, to post the conclusion of our Breakfast Fair. Everone sent in so many really great recipes! I've tried a few and am looking forward to trying all of them eventually. They all sound delicious and easy, which is the busy mom's dream!

To start with we have several make ahead recipes:
An overnight souffle from Maggie H., a breakfast casserole from Karen A., a strata from Katie H., a cookie good enough for breakfast from Cathy D., vanilla granola from Sandy A., and a super easy overnight oatmeal from Schamelot.

For the pancake and french toast lovers out there we have an easy oven pancake and a healthy yogurt whole wheat pancake from Karen H.; spiced pumpkin pancakes and pancakes with a kick from Karen A.; and a challah french toast recipe from Karen H., too!

We also have bite-sized breakfast quiches from Maggie H., creamy cream of wheat from Ruth T., a healthy breakfast casserole from Lisa A., and a country breakfast bake from Anne W.

When you visit the blog just click on "breakfast" in the index on the right and you'll find a few other delicious recipes I threw in. I hope you all are able to try and enjoy these great recipes, and always feel free to e-mail me if you have something to share. I'd be happy to include it in the Schamelot Kitchen Cookbook!

God bless and Buon Apetito!

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just another day in paradise said...

These sound great, Robynn. Thank you. I'm going to try some of these.